My journey as an artist so far...

Quote from the movie "The Intouchables"
Philippe: Tell me Driss, why do you think people are interested in art?
Driss: I don't know, it's a business?
Philippe: No. That's because it's the only thing one leaves behind

Born in Chennai, India, my early years were filled with awe and surprise, watching beautiful buildings being constructed. Though I was clueless about the field of architecture, Somehow I knew that I wanted to do something creative. My this thirst for Creativity was quenched, continually, by my passion for arts, as identified by my parents. 

I chose to pursue a degree in architecture at Nashik, Pune University. As an undergraduate student, I got the opportunity to travel to India and visit its architectural gems. I always kept a sketchbook to practice my skills of observation and graphic representation. 

Because of his work, my dad had to travel a lot, which gave me an opportunity to closely interact with people of different cultures. There I learned to adapt different environments and to adjust to people of diverse taste and sentiments, and I found myself at ease mingling with various kinds of individuals. 

As an Architect and Landscape Designer, I learned problem-solving and functionality of the design. In a commercial environment, everything is functional, you create something for a purpose, and that feature requires a lot of reason and thought. Creative process comes when you are in the problem solving but it still trying to solve a problem. Art has freedom as there is no functionality except being art. They are there to express, inspire. I don’t have to use my rational reasons of mind at all in the process. And often I go into space where I am not even entirely aware what my hands are doing. Ever since I was a kid drawing has been a common thread in whatever I have been doing. I find painting as an escape from design & computer. Working on the computer makes me isolated & art is tactile. Painting to me is a spiritual practice, a form of meditation. Artful life is creativity happening every moment. Every part of this planet is a creative being.

My paintings are inspired by architecture & landscape, Indian culture & travel. I work in abstract and realism style. With a building design background, my work is influenced by structure side of it, interested in light, form, and color. Realism style influenced by my profession as a Landscape Designer. A personal expression of this duality, my art practice includes installation, video, acrylic painting, drawing. 

My process begins with a series of sketches of landscapes or places or objects. Each composition is enlarged & refined using graphite on canvas. Acrylic colors are worked in layers to create different planes, patterns & textures. Coming from India, a country of vibrant colors! I was always inspired by bright, colorful festivals, dresses. I try to capture that vibrancy in my paintings. Each painting has its own story, a glimpse into my schooling, training, inspiration, craft, talent, experiences, emotions, and passion. I like to give the viewer some recognizable place/ object/ element & story can be built around them. Spontaneity, unpredictability, and self-discovery in making the artwork continuously excite me!